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School Master and teachers communicate with parents in numerous ways, including parent events, newsletter, calendars, parent information board, parent-teacher conferences and open houses.


Here's a brief synopsis of some of our communication tools.


Teacher Bio Boards
Located in the Kindergarten, these boards display information about that person your child talks so much about - his teacher.


Kindergarten Newsletter
KL International Kids Club publishes a parent newsletter to keep you informed about the exciting activities going on here. Here you'll find information such as the Kids of Character theme of the month, activities to do at home, parent-teacher conference calendars, holidays and upcoming family events. We distribute the newsletter at the Academy, and also publish the newsletter online on our website.


Customer Surveys

Your children aren't the only ones who get assessed at KL International Kindergarten. Periodically, we ask for parent feedback so we can continue to improve our service to you and your child.


Parents are asked to rate:

  • Our relationship with your child 
  • Availability of the Academy Director 
  • Communication 
  • Policies 
  • The aesthetics of the Academy 
  • Availability of the teachers 
  • Curriculum


For general information, you may call 03-2141 2153 or send an email( When sending an email, please let us know the best way to contact you, and if you're a current KL International Kids Club parent, tell us in which Kindergarten your child is enrolled.



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