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Daily Schedule

School hours

- Monday – Friday    8:00 am ~ 4:30pm

Class Timetable

- Morning session (Club T & E)         8.45 am - 1.00 pm(include a Lunch)

- Full Time session (Club J & P & K)    8.45 am – 3.00 pm

- After School program*  3.00 pm – 4.30 pm (*with additional charge)

Monday to Friday


Exploration & Learning: Arrivals, table work, large & small motor activities, learning center opportunities


Circle Settling in, clean up


-Morning Group Meeting: Welcome, daily review, attendance, jobs, weather, calendar, discussion topics
-Music & Movement


- Literacy & Language Enrichment: stories, poems, shared reading, and extension activities
*Preschool Projects & Learning Centers: Individual, partner, and/or small group child-directed & teacher facilitated work, observations & assessments


Handwashing / Prepare for Snack Time


1st Snack Time, free play, Transition/clean up


Outdoor Play Experiences
-Water play / Sand play / PE
-Children are encouraged to create and play games with their peers. Teacher directed activities as self-directed games are gross motor oriented.


Handwashing / Transition


- Creativity & Art Center has available self-directed art materials as well as well as predetermined art project that require some assistance from the teacher
- Language & Circle Time center-books will be available for the children to explore on their own. There will also be teacher-directed activities that may occur during the week.


Handwashing / prepare for Lunch




Brush Teeth, Changing Clothes / Nap Time for limited child
Play time / welcoming parents & homecoming
Transition / Clean up


Afternoon Group Meeting: Review of the day, preview of tomorrow
Extra Curriculum Activities : Intensive numeracy and Reading, Improvement literacy,


Extra Co-Activities : Ballet, Taekwondo, Community Mandarin, Kids Yoga


Welcoming parents

Circle Time: Students gather three times a day as a group to promote a nurturing and collaborative environment as part of their daily routine. Each day begins with circle time for morning greetings and introduction to the day's routines. Midday circle time serves to reinforce learning from learning centers and often incorporates singing and movement activities. Circle time also serves to bring the class together at the end of each school day for closure.


Work Time: Teachers use “Work Time” to introduce projects or activities for students to “work” on, often as a group.


Learning Centers: Independent learning and collaborative work are enhanced through "Learning Centers" that foster development in the areas of language, math, art, science, music, and technology. Besides learning how to work independently, students also learn how to work cooperatively by sharing and taking turns.


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