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     Safety and Security



Safety and Security


Authorized Persons
To ensure children's safety, KL International Kids Club keep a file of names, addresses and phone numbers of people authorized to pick up each child in case of an emergency. The file is based on information provided on the enrollment forms. It is very important that your School Master be notified in writing of any changes, as children cannot be released without proper authorization and identification.


By policy, we will not release a child to anyone(unless he or she is the child's parent). In the case of divorced parents, it is important that the registering parent indicate on the enrollment application who the custodial parent is and who may pick up the child from Kindergarten.


Emergency Drills
Periodically, we hold emergency drills to acquaint children with evacuation procedures. These drills and practices are done so children will know what to do in case of an actual emergency. Each school is equipped with a fire alarm system. Fire extinguishers are placed throughout the building.


Injuries and Emergencies
At KL International Kids Club, we make every effort to ensure your child's safety, though we cannot guarantee that accidents will not occur.

In case of a serious accidental injury involving your child, you will be contacted immediately. If you cannot be reached, the School Master will call the person you have indicated on the Enrollment Form to make medical emergency decisions about your child. A signed emergency medical release is necessary to ensure prompt medical attention.


If we cannot reach anyone, your child will be transported to the nearest hospital and recommendations of the attending physician will be followed. The School Master or designated person in charge will stay with your child until you arrive. In the case of such an accident or injury, the School Master will provide you with an Accident and Illness Report.


Transportation Safety
All children riding in the school's vehicles must adhere to safety rules. Children must remain seated, wear a seat belt and follow the staff's directions at all times. Loud noises and disruptive behavior will not be permitted. Because of our safety requirements, any violation of this transportation policy may result in the restriction of your child's riding in the vehicle.


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