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Consistent attendance is very important for proper progression through KL International Kids Club education. However, if your child must be absent, please keep us informed. There is no refund for absenteeism.


Outdoor Activities
Since our educational philosophy extends to the outdoors, all children are required to participate in outdoor activities when weather permits.


A nutritious snacks is provided every day. We encourage all children to eat, or at least taste, each food. Menus include foods children love, but are also planned to meet children's daily nutritional requirements and our licensing requirements. If your child has food allergies, please let us know.


For naps, we provide a cot and an individual sheet that are washed or sanitized weekly. Your child is also welcome to bring a soft snuggle toy and a clearly labeled blanket that can be taken home weekly, or as often as desired, for laundering.



At KL International Kids Club, discipline consists of positive reinforcement and redirection. We never allow physical punishment under any circumstances.


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