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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the hours of the school day?
KL International Kids Club operate between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.


Is there a charge for Extended Care?
Yes. Children who attend our programs can be at our school during operating hours with an extra charge.


What is the teacher-to-child ratio?
A Ratio is 8 children per teacher in class. (1:4 children per teacher in class for below 3 years )


Do children receive a report card?
We consistently communicate with parents regarding their children's development. We provide parents with a progress report. Parents and teachers also get together three time a year for a formal conference; however, teachers are available every day to answer questions.


Does KL International Kids Club provide meals and snacks?
We provide meals and snacks.


What if my child is allergic to certain types of foods?
We require that parents alert us to allergies for inclusion in the child's medical file. Based on the prohibited foods, an allergy plan is created and the child's teachers are alerted. When a food on a child's prohibited list is served, the child receives a substitution.


Do the children go on any field trips?
Yes, we occasionally take certain classes outside school to enrich the learning experience. All field trip destinations are appropriate for small children. And we follow very strict procedures to ensure safety and security while your child's class is out of the building.


Do you require parents to volunteer their time at school?
Parents are not required to volunteer at our school, but we do encourage parental involvement at the convenience of the parents.


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