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         International School Preparedness 



    Be good Student!


    • Day/Time: Monday - Friday, 9:30 - 3:00 p.m.
    • Age: 5~9 years
    • Maximum Attendance: 6 students



    Shapes, colors, motor skills, following instructions. We work with children to recognize shapes, colors, directions and structure using a variety of materials, from blocks to fabrics. We might blend colors in the art center, or study which shapes fit best together in a puzzle. Sorting and matching by like characteristics deepens understanding, while games and dances incorporating concepts like over, under, right and left help develop motor skills.



    Letters, words, sounds, retention. At KL Kids Club, learning is everywhere, from shelves and baskets labeled with words and pictures to games of matching. We might read a story and ask open-ended questions to encourage input, or focus children on the letter sounds in their own names. Throughout each month we facilitate individual journal time, helping children learn how to communicate complex thoughts, as well as develop basic phonics and spelling skills.



    Size, shape, alike and different, counting, numbers. We all use math concepts every single day and so do the children at KL Kids Club. We might create a People Graph by grouping children by the color of their shirts, or create collections of certain numbers of objects. From recognizing numbers and counting, to helping figure out how many plates or cups are needed for lunch, children learn the basic skills they'll need for a good foundation in mathematics.



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