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         Winter Schooling Program



     Get a jump start!


    • Day/Time: Jan~Feb, 8:45am~3:00pm
    • Age: 3~6 years
    • Available during Jan/Feb 2018



    Our programs

    Opportunity for young children to attend 4~8 weeks of classes in an international setting where the medium of instruction is English.

    Children attending KL International Kids Club's Winter Program will effortlessly integrate into a full-day program which includes Creative Expression, Early Literacy, Physical Skills and Well-being, Personal and Social Responsibility, Environment and Community awareness, Early Numeracy, Citizenship and Identity.

    English as Second Language classes are optional, and are offered as a substitute for some afternoon course/extracurricular activities.

    Through this short-term schooling program, children can experience a true day-to-day life as international pupils in KL International Kids Club.




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