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Guidance & Process


Enrolment Process

To enroll your child at KL International Kids Club, please make an admissions appointment with the school office by calling 603-2141 2153 or emailing us on


To assist us in processing your enrolment application, please bring the following information with you to your admissions appointment:

  • A recent colour passport-size photograph of student and parent

  • A copy of the student's birthday certificate

  • A copy of the student's passport, identity card(Malaysian)

  • A copy of the student's passport, student/dependent pass(Non-Malaysian)

  • A copy of both parents and guardian's passport / Identity card

  • A completed copy of KL International Kids Club's Application for Admission form


Fee Structure (For Academic Year 2017/2018)

Listed below are the fees associated with attending KL International Kids Club.

All fees quoted are in Malaysia ringgit.


  • Application fee: RM 500 (included 2 days Entrance assessment)
  • Admission fee: RM 2,500 
  • Deposit: An equivalent of one term's tuition fee
  • Tuition fee:       
  • T, E Club - RM 8,000 per/term, 8:45am ~ 13:00pm
  • J, k1, K2 Club - RM 9,750 per/term, 8:45am ~ 15:00pm   Board Approved 24032017




Every child enrolling in KL International Kids Club is required to pay an admission and application fee. This fee is non-refundable


An equivalent of one term's tuition fee is required as deposit. The amount is to be upgraded as tuition fees increase according to year level. This fee is refundable provided one term's written notice of withdrawal is given in advance while the student is in school.                                     

Re-Enrolment Fee 

Annually per returning student, partially refundable as indicated below. 

This fee is include as below:

-School Insurance

-Set of School Uniforms (uniforms, PE-shirts )

-Student Journal and Files

Tuition Fees 

KL International Kids Club's tuition fees are payable three times yearly and are non-refundable. All payments must be made before commencement of the new term otherwise students will not be allowed to attend school.





Current Students 

Written notice of withdrawal accompanied with proof of deposit payment must be submitted to the school office not later than the first of day of the same academic term. Failure to give one full term notice and provide proof of deposit payment will result in the forfeiture of the refundable deposit. 

New Students (since enrolments of the school year 2012/2013)
Student's enrolled at KL International Kids Club who have not yet started at the school but need to withdraw their application are required to submit in writing to the school office, no less than two weeks before the student's start date,  a notification of withdrawal. Failure to give two weeks' notice and provide proof of deposit payment will result in the forfeiture of the refundable deposit. Please note, tuition fees paid in advance are non-refundable as per the school's Tuition Fee policy. 



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