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     Parent Interview



Parent Interview


Tell us about your family and help us understand what's important to you as a parent. Give us some insight into your child and let us in on the special relationship you have with him.


Parent Interview:

1.Tell us why your child is special.
2.What kinds of things do you and your child like to do together?
3.Is this your child's first preschool experience? If so, how often has he been away from you or his primary caregiver?
4.How much interaction has your child had with children his own age? What group size does he typically play with?
5.What are your goals for your child at KL International Kids Club?
6.What are your child's best and worst times of the day?
7.How many siblings does your child have, and what are their ages?
8.Use five words to describe your child. (e.g., quiet, serious, affectionate etc.)


Child Interview:

1.Tell us your friends' names.
2.What do you like to do when you first wake up in the morning?
3.What do you like to eat?
4.What's the name of your favorite book?
5.Do you have any brothers or sisters? Names? Pets? Names?


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